3 Steps To Take When Starting An SEO Campaign

It is never too late to start optimizing a website for search engines. However, sooner is always better than later. To learn more about SEO, click here. 3 Steps to take to start building a strong SEO foundation include:

1. Existing Content

It is more than likely that the existing content on the site is not up to SEO standards. Edit and proofread all existing content and eliminate all spelling and grammar errors. It is recommended to get an expert editor or writer to do this. Make sure that the content contains relevant keywords, metadata and image tags and ensure that the URL is relevant and reflects the topic of the content. Add links where applicable keeping in mind that linking to authority sites is optimal. Rejuvenate content that is outdated, incorrect or is simply not attracting traffic.

2. Mobile Device Optimization

Optimize a website to ensure that no functionality or features are lost when opened on a mobile device. Also ensure a faster loading speed by limiting images, video and other media. A website developer can assist in ensuring optimal functionality and loading times. Research shows that the majority of search engine users are using their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) to find what they are looking for, but that 90% of these users are likely to leave a page that does not load in under 5 seconds.

3. Create A Content Calendar

A content calendar schedules when, what and the way in which new content will be added to a website or social media platforms. The calendar outlines keywords, length of content, type of content and any other factors such as style, metadata, images and so on. A content calendar can contain as much or as little detail as is required. This calendar is important to ensure that a schedule for regular content addition is adhered to in order to have the greatest impact on search engine rankings.

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