Horse Shows

Horse Shows at Caledon Fair

Horse Shows

Come and see fun and games in the horse ring. A team of two horse riders is judged on the neatness of the team and togetherness. They will receive scores for speed, agility, walk, trot and canter, whether they moved as a coordinated unit, performance relative to that of others, riding skill and sportsmanlike behaviour. Hunter jumper shows run on Saturday. Competitions include; hunter under saddle, equitation under saddle and hunter over fences. There are also equestrian water cup races and an actual dog and pony show.

Saturday Horse Shows

The Canadien is renowned for its versatility and ability in a number of activities and equine disciplines including agricultural work, English and Western riding, jumping and dressage, pleasure driving, marathon driving, and ice racing.

Sunday Horse Shows

Welsh Pony, Sportpony Starsearch and Open Driving are three events run by the pony section that set you up to compete in the pony classes. The Welsh pony is a little horse with power, ideal for families. Open Driving are competitions where you can enter one or more ponies in a number of classes and compete to win prizes.


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