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2021 Virtual Fair

Due to Health and Provincial Rules, the Caledon Fair this year will be a Virtual Fair only.

Participate in the Virtual Fair this year. You can submit your entry via digital photograph. See the entry instructions for each of the competition Virtual Fair Sections below.

  • Send a photo of your exhibit by email.
  • We understand that your exhibits cannot include some of the traditional judging criteria, such as taste, smell or texture, in the results.
  • Instead, entries will be judged purely on visual content in the photo.

We look forward to seeing your activities, hobbies and fine artistry. Caledon Fair will share winning exhibits with our Fair Community on our website.

Please send your entries to us by the end of May, and see what you’ve won on our traditional Fair Weekend, June 11, 12, and 13, 2021.

Virtual Fair Sections