Canadien Horse Show

Competition Details

Cheval Canadien Horse Association Ontario Show

Caledon Fair Grounds, 18297 Huronontario Street, Caledon Village, ON

Sunday June 9, 2024

Start time – 9:30 a.m.




Registered Canadian Halter Classes


  1. Canadian Mares – 2 years old & under
  2. Canadian Mares – 3 & 4 years old
  3. Canadian Mares – 5 years old & over
  4. Canadian Champion & Reserve Mare – open to 1st & 2nd placings in Classes 1-3, no entry fee
  5. Canadian Geldings – 2 Years old & under
  6. Canadian Geldings – 3 & 4 years old
  7. Canadian Geldings – 5 years old & over
  8. Canadian Champion & Reserve Gelding – open to 1st & 2nd placings in Classes 5-7, no entry fee
  9. Canadian Stallions – 2 years old & under (adults only handler)
  10. Canadian Stallions – 3 & 4 years old (adults only handler)
  11. Canadian Stallions – 5 years old & over (adults only handler)
  12. Canadian Champion & Reserve Stallion – open to 1st & 2nd placings in Classes 9-11, no entry fee (adults only handler)
  13. Canadian Grand Champion & Reserve 1st placing from classes 4, 8, 12, no entry fee
  14. Senior Showmanship – handlers over 16 years of age
  15. Junior Showmanship – handlers 16 years and under
  16. Novice Showmanship – adult handlers, first year competing
  17. Dressage suitability, emphasis on movement only – in hand only


Registered Canadian Performance Classes – Young Horses


  1. Single Horse Pleasure Driving – 2- & 3-year-old mare or colt
  2. Under Saddle, optional tack with attire to match – 3-year-old mare or colt, walk/trot only
  3. Trail Horse – 3 years and under, led only


Lunch Break


Performance Classes – Open to Registered and Non-Registered Canadians and Canadian Crossbreeds

  1. Single Horse Pleasure Driving
  2. Youth Single Pleasure Driving
  3. Pairs Pleasure Driving
  4. Junior (Under 18 years) Equitation walk/trot
  5. Senior (over 50 years) Equitation walk/trot
  6. Open Equitation walk, trot, canter, rein back (English/Western)
  7. Western Pleasure
  8. English Pleasure
  9. Hunter Hack-2 jumps of cross rails, max 18”
  10. Jump Course – first round at 18” cross rails, jump off at 20”
  11. Dressage Suitability – Emphasis on horse’s potential as a dressage horse (English/Western)
  12. Trail Horse (English or Western)
  13. Costume (ride or drive, NOT lead)


High Point Performance Horse Award:

Presentation Point Schedule

Note: In the event of a tie the number of first place ribbons will determine the winner.

(Classes 15-33). Classes will be scored as follows: 1st=6 points; 2nd=5 points; 3rd=4 points; 4th=3points; 5th=2points; 6th=1 point. Eligible classes be 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 14-34


General Rules

Participation in the CCHOA Show requires a current CCHOA membership. Memberships may be purchased the day of the show.

Participants must show proof of liability insurance coverage upon arrival at the show; e.g. OE membership.

Entry Forms: Must be complete including owner’s name, signature, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, and horse’s name and registration number.

Entry Fees: $5 per class unless otherwise indicated.

Remittance of Entry Forms and Fees: Pleased forward to CCHAO Treasurer Sandra Addison, by e-mail to CCHAO by e-transfer (recipient: CCHAO). Forms and fees must be received by Sunday, June 2, 2024.

Post Entries: All entries received after the entry closing date (June 2, 2024) will be assessed a $10.00 post entry fee per horse

Class Scratches: Competitors are asked to notify the show office/ingate if they are unable to go in a class.

Show Scratch: No entry fee will be refunded after the official start of the show for any reason.

Schedule: The Show Management reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine any class or condition they deem advisable without notification. Every effort will be made to provide as much notification as possible.

Attire: Any person entering the ring (rider, handler, driver, header) must be in suitable attire. Appropriate riding garb to include helmet and boots with a heel.

Helmets: All persons riding in this show/ over fences anywhere on the competition grounds must wear protective headgear secured with a safety harness permanently affixed to the helmet. Harnesses must be secured and properly fitted.


Stabling is not available.

Show Secretary: Gail Brandt              Ring Master: Rhonda Turley              Treasurer:  Sandra Addison

Canadien Horse Show

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