Section 10 – Antiques

Competition Details

Convenor: Lorraine Glassford, Tel: 519-942-7765

Committee: Muriel Phillips, Margaret Anderson,

Prizes: 1st$4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd$2.00


  • Exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor and unless otherwise stated, an item is considered an antique if it is from the year 1970 or prior. Some classes have stipulated other dates, please read carefully
  • Item may not be entered two years in a row in the same class, but if it qualifies for a different class, it may be shown in the second year.
  • Condition and age to be considered. Small cracks or flaws will not disqualify the entry.
  • Amateurs only. Dealers may not enter.
  • Exhibitors must fill out a duplicate entry form for items entered into this section for security purposes, to be kept by convenor.
  • Please read the General Rules of the Hall Exhibits carefully, as they apply to all sections.


Verna Gray Special

Will be awarded to the three oldest items exhibited in Section 10. If you know the age of your items, include them on your tag!

1st$12.00, 2nd$8.00, 3rd$5.00

  1. Oil Lamp
  2.  Ladies Jewellery
  3. Man’s Jewellery
  4. Child’s Cutlery
  5. Mini cup & Saucer
  6. Wall Decoration- hand crafted- NOT a painting
  7. Depression Glass
  8. Clock, Wall or Table
  9. A piece of Cornflower Glassware
  10. Kitchen Utensil
  11. Current Photo of any Caledon Area structure 1960 or older- photo can be old OR new. Please include location
  12. Photo of a farm activity
  13. Pillowcase-edged by handiwork
  14. Tin Container
  15. A Recipe-mounted- typed or handwritten
  16. A HIS-TORY-typed story accompanying an antique and describing how you have come to own it. The story is to be judged
  17. Any Country Fair Publication or Promotion material
  18. A piece of Needlework
  19. A 4-H Award
  20. A 4-H promotion Item
  21. A Household Item NOT from the kitchen
  22. A Newspaper Headline pre 1970
  23. Item connected to Fire Fighting or Fire Fighters
  24. Commercial Advertising Pre 1970
  25. Coin- Mounted- include typed description.
  26. Stump the Judge… What is it? (Answer to be placed in envelope). First place only to be awarded
  27. Elizabeth Glassford 4-H Special: Oldest 4-H Award will receive $10.00 additional prize
antique sewing machine
Section 10 – Antiques

Download and Print Entry Form

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General Entry Form

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Cattle Show Entry Form

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Welsh Pony Entry Form

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Canadian Horse Entry Form

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