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Section 14 Homecraft – Quilting

Competition Details

Send us a picture of your quilt exhibit before May 31 2021, by completing the Caledon Fair 2021 Virtual Fair competition online form (see below).

Entries must be submitted before May 31 2021, and the winning entries will be displayed on our website at starting on June 11, 2021. Send us pictures!

Display your quilt on a large table or bed, with the top right corner folded back 12 to 18 inches to display the reverse side and take a picture of it. Identify with a neatly printed tag the Section (14), and class it is entered in, and your exhibitor number, if you have one.  If you haven’t exhibited at Caledon Fair before, or can’t remember your exhibitor number from previous Caledon Fair exhibitions, contact the Virtual Fair Convenor  and we can supply it to you.  Your photo should include as much of the center and edges as possible. Quilts will be judged on visual appeal, use of colour, proportion, interest of pattern, and to the extent it may be determined, quality of workmanship. All entries should be current work in the last 2 years and be clean and in good condition, not previously entered at Caledon Fair. Quilts will not be eligible for District or Provincial Contests.

For the Virtual Caledon Fair Exhibits, quilts may be any size. If you plan to enter your quilt in other fairs later in the year so that they may be eligible for Provincial competition, please ensure that you carefully read the rules for those competions at other fairs.

If you can’t submit your pictures to us electronically, you can hand deliver or mail them, post dated by May 25th 2021 to us at Glenda Simeone, 20405 Heart Lake Road, Caledon, ON L7K2A8. If you have your name address and phone number on the back of the pictures and a stamped, self addressed envelope for them, we’ll return them to you.


Prize Money Classes 511-520:  1st$10, 2nd-$7, 3rd-$5


  1. Hand quilt, pieced.
  2. Hand quilt, appliqued
  3. Hand quilt, pieced and appliqued
  4. A hand or machine quilt made by a new exhibitor who hasn’t shown
  5. Machine quilt, pieced.
  6. Machine quilt, appliqued
  7. Machine quilt, pieced and appliqued.
  8. Machine or hand quilted wall hanging (may be displayed on the wall).
  9. Machine or hand quilt sampler (each block different)
  10. Quilt block, displayed on a white background.


quilt competition
Section 14 Homecraft – Quilting

How to Enter This Competition

Please complete the Virtual Fair online form. Included Class Number and Class Description.  Choose your file to upload for this section. One file upload per submission.

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Upload Tips

Choose File from your device or hard drive location.  Navigate to where the photo is located and select it.  Your photo will be attached and sent with this message.

Only one image file per submission form.  If you are entering 10 items, you’ll have to fill the form out 10 separate times with a different uploaded photo each time.

File type must be .JPG. We are only accepting jpg files at this time because files of this type are generally good in quality and safer than many others.

Exhibitor Number. If you have competed at the Caledon Fair in previous years, please add your Exhibitor Number to the form if you know it.