Section 15 – Arts and Crafts

Competition Details

Convenor-Leah Simeone, cell 416-697-7792

Prizes: 1st$5.00, 2nd$3.00, 3rd$2.00


Sample of materials must be attached to entries when applicable **(i.e. threads for needlework, cotton for quilting, etc.). If article was done in a craft class, please specify. General Rules for the Hall Exhibits apply. We recommend that juniors and teens enter in the Junior and Teen Fair where no exhibitor’s fee is required.


Outstanding Article Special

$15.00 to the Outstanding Article in Section 15 Arts & Crafts. 2023 winner is not eligible.


High Point Special

$10.00 to the exhibitor winning the most points in Section 15 Arts & Crafts. Previous year’s winner is not eligible



  1. Article of cross-stitch, miniature.
  2. Furniture, suitable for a doll house.
  3. Open class, miniature-specify.


Woodcraft *must be original design and shelf size*


  1. Article of woodcarving or woodworking
  2. Article done by wood-burning, no larger than 3’x3’.
  3. Wood crafted bird house or bird feeder, useable.


Pictures and Wall Hangings *Sample of material must be attached*

State if a kit or original design. All Wall Hangings must be ready to hang. All pictures must be framed.


  1. *Embroidered picture or wall hanging.
  2. *Hand stitched picture, any technique.
  3. *Counted Cross-stitch picture or wall hanging.


Silk and Dried Flowers, Fruit and Natures Treasures


  1. Corsage or wrist Corsage, mounted for display.
  2. Door, wreath, or Wall hanging, using silk or dried flowers.
  3. Mantelpiece arrangement or wreath, using silk or dried flowers.
  4. Table arrangement, using dried natural or artificial flowers and/or fruit- no larger than 24”x24”.


Made for Children *Sample of material must be attached*


  1. *Knitted or Crocheted toy.
  2. *Handmade toy, any technique.
  3. *Rag doll.
  4. *Doll outfit, mounted or on a doll.
  5. *Teddy bear.
  6. *Puppet.
  7. *Stuffed animal


Decorative Arts


  1. Article of folk-art painting on wood or metal, shelf size.
  2. Article of stenciling on paper, wood or fabric.
  3. Cushion cover, sewn, not to include the cushion or filler.




  1. Jewelry or Hair Ornament.
  2. Hand decorated note paper or card (not computer made).
  3. Sewn door stopper or draft catcher.
  4. An article made from plastic canvas or canvas.
  5. Wreath or hanging article, not using silk or dried flowers.
  6. Homemade candle.
  7. Fabric book cover, displayed on a book or album.
  8. A purse or shopping bag.
  9. 3 scrapbook pages covering a single theme, protected in a plastic cover.
  10. Item of tooled and/or coloured leather.
  11. Ceramic article that you painted or glazed.
  12. Pottery piece, fired, with or without glaze.
  13. Craft demonstrating Fair Theme 2024: “There’s Still a Taste of Country”
  14. Any craft not previously listed-name technique used.
  15. A Hot Pad or trivet (table protector).


Christmas Crafts


  1. Tree ornament.
  2. Christmas door wreath or wall hanging.
  3. Table centrepiece with or without candles.
  4. Re-usable gift bag, no larger than 12” x 16”.
  5. Two (2) Christmas placemats.
  6. Christmas table runner.
  7. Angel, any technique.
  8. Christmas stocking, any technique.
  9. Three (3) small ornaments for a tree or package, all different techniques, mounted for display.
  10. Father Christmas, maximum height of 18”.
  11. Snowman, maximum height of 18”
  12. Mantle decoration.


Crafts from Recyclables

Exhibitor must list all materials used. All articles must be a minimum of 50% re-used materials.


  1. Useful or decorative item using sewing scraps.
  2. Useful or decorative item using recycled material.


Holiday Crafts *for any holiday except Christmas*


  1. Centrepiece with or without candles.
  2. Holiday craft, any material/technique.
  3. Door wreath or hanging article, any technique.
  4. 2 holiday place mats.



Barn Quilt

NEW! Prize: $50 for the pattern we choose to put on the building. Sponsored by Stonehouse Farm.


  1. Design an original Barn Quilt Block for our new Community Centre Building Project: Give us your best ideas for a Barn Quilt that we can make out of wood or steel and mount on our building. Show dimensions, colours, materials and mounting methods. It should represent rural Caledon in all its glory!



Prizes: 1st $5.00, 2nd$4.00, 3rd$3.00


  1. Oil or acrylic-pet portrait.
  2. Landscape-any medium.
  3. Oil or acrylic- to reflect the fair theme: “There’s Still a Taste of Country”.
  4. Watercolour-.the garden.
  5. Watercolour-“Grand Parent (s)”.
  6. Watercolour-floral.
  7. Pen and Ink, charcoal or pencil-portrait of a child.
  8. Pastel or chalk- any subject.



Judge’s Favourite Special– Sponsored by Glenda Simeone- $15.00 prize to the judge’s favourite picture.

arts and crafts display
Section 15 – Arts and Crafts

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