Section 16 – Photography

Competition Details

Convenor-Susan Brown, tel (647)-524-9245  Committee- Natalie Rogers

Prizes: 1st$5.00, 2nd3.00, 3rd$2.00

Photographs must be 4”x6” unless otherwise stated, and mounted on 6”x8” white Bristol board with entry tags secured with tape or staples, to the top right-hand corner. All exhibitors must be amateur. Please have no dates visible in or on picture. To protect your photo: use archival and acid free adhesive when mounting on Bristol board.


High Point Special

$25.00 to the exhibitor winning the most points in Section 16 Photography. Previous year’s winner is not eligible



  1. Grandparent(s)
  2. Winter Scene
  3. Busy insects
  4. Beautiful Bloom(s).
  5. The beach.
  6. Horses.
  7. Family Moments.
  8. Railway Tracks.
  9. Birds of a Feather
  10. Shadows.
  11. Oh! What a Sky!
  12. Canada.
  13. Precious Pet(s).
  14. Fair Theme 2024: “There’s Still a Taste of Country”.
  15. Fun with Friend(s).
  16. Reflections (no sunrise or sunset)
  17. A Walk in the Woods.
  18. Hard at Work.
  19. Frost.
  20. “Run Down” house or barn.
  21. “Now, THAT’S a Smile!”
  22. A Spider Web.
  23. Stained Glass.



8 x 10 PHOTOS, mounted on 10”X12” Bristol board- no frames.

Prizes: 1st– $6.00 2nd: $400, 3rd: $3.00

  1. Fall Colours.
  2. Taking in the View.
  3. A Road, Path or Trail.



Prizes: 1st– $6.00 2nd: $400, 3rd: $3.00


  1. Four (4) photos, 4”x6”, of the 2023 Caledon Fair mounted on 13”x13” (32cmx32cm) Bristol board, no frames.



The Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies offers a Photo and Slide contest each year, based on pictures taken at this year’s Fair. For the Ontario competition criteria, please see and review the competitions section.

photography virtual contest
Section 16 – Photography

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