Congratulations 2023 Caledon Fair Ambassadors

Destiny Pinkney and Nikki Intranuovo as our Junior and Senior Ambassadors

Announcing the 2023 Caledon Fair Ambassadors: A Celebration of Tradition and Dedication

The Caledon Fair Board and the Ambassador Committee are thrilled to share the results of our 2023 Caledon Fair Ambassador selection. We proudly introduce Destiny Pinkney and Nikki Intranuovo as our Junior and Senior Ambassadors, respectively.

The grand announcement was made on Saturday during the opening ceremonies of the Caledon Fair. Amidst the sight and sounds of the fair, these two dynamic individuals emerged as the new faces of the Caledon Fair. Destiny and Nikki stood out with their passion, knowledge, and dedication to the Agricultural Society, reflecting the vibrant spirit of Caledon and its community.
Destiny Pinkney, our 2023 Junior Ambassador, brings a fresh and youthful perspective to our fair. Nikki Intranuovo, as our Senior Ambassador, offers a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the fair’s traditions and values.

The role of a fair ambassador is a challenging feat. They are entrusted with representing the Agricultural Society to the best of their ability at various fairs, parades, events, and awards dinners in Caledon and the surrounding areas. They invite others to our events and embody the heart and soul of the fair, becoming the very face of our esteemed occasion.

Nikki will also be privileged to represent Caledon at the prestigious OAAS Convention in February, participate in the District 5 Competition in June, and vie for the title of the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Competition in August. It’s an incredible journey that provides a wealth of experience and opportunities.

Beyond the glamour and the prestige, being an ambassador has some exceptional benefits worth highlighting. For one, it significantly helps in honing public speaking skills. There is no better stage than the vibrant and bustling fairs to improve oratory prowess.

Moreover, a Fair Ambassador title looks great on a resume. It indicates a sense of responsibility, charisma, and the ability to handle public roles gracefully and confidently.
One of the most rewarding aspects of being an ambassador is the networking opportunities it provides. Interacting with other ambassadors from all over Ontario, they get to create meaningful connections, build professional relationships and learn from each other.

But most importantly, in the journey of being an ambassador, they make friendships that last a lifetime. Bonds are formed over shared experiences and responsibilities, creating a community that supports and uplifts each other.

With our 2023 Ambassadors now in place, we are excited about what lies ahead. We are confident Destiny and Nikki will bring great pride to the Caledon Fair and the community we represent. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events and joining us in celebrating our rich agricultural heritage.


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